Now Offering Foreign Language Tutoring in Spanish & French!
Now Offering Foreign Language Tutoring in Spanish & French!

Electives for students with unique needs

Scholarships accepted

We accept FES-UA (formerly Gardiner), New Worlds Reading Scholarship, Step Up Florida’s Personalized Education Program (PEP) and ESA from Arizona. If you have a scholarship question, please email

Step Up Scholarship
One-on-one Sessions for Students with Unique Needs
  • Speech/language sessions
  • Executive functioning tasks
  • Organizational systems
  • Tracking assignments
  • Time blindness

Group Sessions

Groups of 4-8 students spend time focusing on perceptions and interpretations of social situations.

This includes learning a social interpretation scale and working through various scenarios to see how that situation could be perceived by others and how various responses could be perceived by others. It includes reading of material together, along with extensive discussions. Video scenarios will also be presented and students will work on role playing to practice the information learned.
Group sessions are on Wednesdays.
Sessions are for 4 weeks, and the cost is $100

One Session

25 minutes
$ 30
  • Need help now? Want to try and see if this could work for your family to ease the burden of online distance learning? Can't figure out where to start?

5 Sessions

25 minutes
$ 125
  • Everyone loves structure! Let's make a plan to make your child's learning part of every school day or use them as you need them. Sessions can be doubled (or tripled) for longer subjects or topics.

20 Sessions

25 minutes
$ 500
  • Need a longer session? Book 2 sessions back to back. We offer flexibility for what your student needs! Your credits stay on your family account until you use them. They can be shared between siblings.

Lets Learn Together

To  find out which plan is best for you schedule a one on one call with us.  We will also figure out exactly what your family needs so we can assign the best fitted tutor. Consultations only take 15 minutes. 

Does Your Student have Learning Differences?

Let us join your village in supporting your child to overcome challenges and be the best student they can be.

What Our Clients Say

Jessica Morales
Jessica Morales
Helping Her Grow
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During a time that I felt helpless for my daughter who was struggling with reading, Kelly came in and eased my fears. Her patience with my daughter was so appreciated.
Bryanna Brynum
Bryanna Brynum
So Much Progress
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Coach Kelly is a source of joy and motivation for our two kids! Her upbeat personality keeps them focused on learning the subjects that are hard for them to grasp.
Leann Perkins
Leann Perkins
We Love Kelly
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Coach Kelly has a fun, inviting personality that makes my son feel comfortable working with her, even on subjects he dislikes.